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Fat Loss Factor Review

Posted on:
February 24, 2013

The Fat Loss FactorThe Fat Loss Factor RatingThere are plenty of people today who are facing difficulties when it comes to attain a body structure they have been dreaming of. Most of them have excessive fat which is the culprit as to why they are overweight.

Luckily, there are some great programs that help loose that pesky fat fast and one of those I always recommend is the Fat Loss Factor.

What Is It?

The Fat Loss Factor is a fitness program developed by an expert nutritionist/chiropractor Dr. Charles Livingston. Being considered as one of the safest ways of burning fat and gaining muscle mass fast it does not require any supplement intake. All you have to do is follow few simple steps mentioned in the guide.

This fat loss program does not focus on helping a person develop a bodybuilder type of body but it helps gain lean muscles maintaining full body functionality at the same time. Having a bodybuilder type of body means having a bulky body which can limit its flexibility and full functionality. With this being said, this program will help a person to have a good looking physique that is just right to still be as versatile as possible.

Before & After Results of The Fat Loss Factor

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How It Works And Its Advantages?

  • The Fat Loss Factor Fitness program will teach its readers or followers on how to The Fat Loss Factorgain muscle fast in certain parts of the body that people should be focusing to be able to lose more fat fast. In other words, this fitness program will teach people in building or gaining more muscle mass especially in places where it is needed the most. This is the initial phase of this muscle building program because this is needed before forming or strengthening the muscles.
  • The Fat Loss Factor Fitness program involves strengthening the muscles and developing it. This muscle building program will show the proper techniques or methods in developing muscle strength and form after gaining muscle mass. This phase is very ideal to those athletes who want to gain muscle size while maintaining functionality.
  • Last but not the least, the Fat Loss factor teaches its readers or followers on how to do the right kind of workout for them to boost their performance so that they can lose weight and gain more muscles at the same time. This will greatly boost the fat burning process of the body to effectively lose weight due to unsightly fat.

This phase will focus on using interval training to develop more muscle strength while burning body fat at the same time. This phase will also focus on increasing the tone and density of the muscles to maximize its definition or in other words, make it look more lean.


One common disadvantage that most people see about this fitness program is that it requires a lot of discipline and motivation since it is not an easy type of muscle building program. It will also push yourself to your limits and you should really give a 100% when doing this routine to gain the best results. Most people who do not have the right discipline and motivation before following this program have experienced the feeling of giving up.

With all of those advantages being said, it is definitely the best product who wants to gain a muscular but flexible kind of body which is the perfect body that most women want nowadays. The disadvantages are sort saying of saying that you should have the right attitude when following the program if you want to gain the best results fast. This product has been gaining several positive feedback from those people who have read it. They are really satisfied of the help that it has given them and the techniques that it has revealed to them. The Fat Loss Factor is definitely a great fitness program when it comes to losing fat through gaining more muscles.

Click Here to Download The Fat Loss Factor Progran

Click Here to Download The Fat Loss Factor Progran


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Top 10 Reasons We Gain Fat

Posted on:
February 11, 2013

Reasons We Gain FatVirtually all overweight persons often ask themselves how they came to gain their considerable weight. Sometimes it seems that people gain weight even when they do not overeat. As such, numerous persons wish to understand how they gain weight. This is far preferable to knowing weight loss techniques as it annihilates the weight issue before it becomes significant.

Basically, there are 10 reasons we gain fat.

  1. An unhealthy diet. Truthfully speaking, most of us have rather unhealthy diets. We fill our diets with processed foods whose preparation is typically easy but are often unhealthy. You might consume meals which lack the essential foods like vegetables and fruits. Prepackaged foods and fast food often cause excessive weight around your waist due to extra calories and too much fat.

  2. Slow metabolic rate. Muscles burn considerably more calories than fats, so we need more muscles within our systems. Some persons possess more fat than muscles, so their metabolic rates are slow.

  3. Lack of constant exercise. Cardiovascular exercise and strength training heighten the calorie amount which we burn. Hence, lacking constant exercise while consuming numerous calories causes us to gain weight. With constant strength training, our muscles increase and grow. This causes increased metabolism, which burns considerably more calories, even while resting.

  4. Consuming low-fat foods. Most persons think that foods or drinks labeled “low fat” mean low calories. Low fat basically means that fat content equals 3 grams or is smaller. The calorie amount is often still immense. Hence, numerous persons over-eat products with “low fat” labels.

  5. Skipping meals. This slows your metabolism due to lacking calories along with nutrients to refill your body. After skipping a meal, in virtually every case, we over-eat during the following meal. Food choices change and portion sizes grow immensely. This leads to excessive calorie consumption.

  6. Portion size. We often eat super-sized meals which contain immense calories and fat. This is particularly common when we eat at fast food joints.

  7. Stress. Heightened stress levels trigger our bodies into preparing us to run or to fight. When our stress levels increase, cortisol gets released. This releases sugar into your body’s bloodstream for rapid energy utilization. This hormone causes fat accumulation inside the abdomen that is difficult to eliminate. Cortisol further suppresses your body’s immune system. This makes fighting infections decidedly tougher. Constant stress means constantly high cortisol levels.

  8. Genetics. According to research, some persons gain weight because of their genetics.

  9. Chronic disease or underlying disease. Numerous persons have underlying conditions such as Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes and Thyroid Disease. These conditions typically cause weight gain and they necessitate medical treatment to aid in weight loss and to decelerate weight gain. Because of lower hormone levels, our bodies cannot raise metabolism that burns excessive calories.

  10. Medications. There are numerous persons who are taking depression medication. These medications lower metabolism no matter the diet changes. They further alter the body’s hormone levels. This affects our bodies’ capabilities of losing weight and hindering excessive weight.

On the whole, these are the chief 10 reasons we gain fat. By knowing them, you may take the crucial steps to ensure that your weight never becomes excessive.

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The Fat Loss Factor

Posted on:
February 9, 2013

The Fat Loss FactorThe Fat Loss Factor is a relatively new weight loss product which has amassed considerable popularity. With its thorough advertisements and promotion, this is no surprise. However, the chief question is whether the product works as the creators promise or if it is simply an overstated waste. Dr. Charles Livingstone is the product’s creator. He is a wellness specialist along with a chiropractor.

How It Works?
The program contains several phases. First, the program encourages its users to only eat natural foods within the initial two weeks. This all-natural diet eliminates harmful toxins from your body which are often abundant in a regular meal that contains processed foods. These toxins get stored inside fat cells. The chief purpose of this phase is to eliminate these toxins. There are several foods the user may consume within this period, from raw seeds to vegetables, legumes and fruits.

The second phase is “master cleanse”. The users collapse their body and mind and rebuild them. This helps in overhauling the users’ lifestyle without the move seeming drastic.

The product contains several features. They include the primary course eBook; an exercise log; fat loss measurement by form factor; a recipe eBook; the setting destination guide; fifteen minute workouts; grocery shopping list; plan workouts; the software FooJoo; and the Master Cleanse video.

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The Fat Loss Factor


  1. The program is entirely customizable. After the initial two weeks’ program, the user starts to plan a considerably balanced diet along with rigorous exercise. The Fat Loss Factor consists of an elaborate training plan for three basic levels which let persons exercise no matter their current physical fitness level.
  2. Following the program is easy. The program entails simple exercise and diet plans that are relatively friendly and ideal for persons who desire to return to complete health and to experience gradual exercises which maintain their nutrition.
  3. The program is affordable and cost-effective. All users receive free lifetime updates along with email personal coaching. After you purchase the program, you will obtain an entire year’s content in personal email coaching. If you hired a personal fitness coach, the cost would be immense; considerably more than the entire program. The users also attain free updates that might last through their lifetimes. In addition, the program contains a warranty that lasts two months. This eliminates virtually all risk that users might face.
  4. The program is considerably effective. Fat loss quickly occurs in virtually every user. In addition, they simultaneously build their muscles. Since the program also changes the user’s mind frame about how they eat and the things they eat, the program’s effects tend to linger. This is unlike numerous weight loss programs where the users regain weight after completing them.


  1. Starting the program is considerably challenging to most persons. Changing your diet suddenly is tough, so this beginning might put off some persons.
  2. The program requires commitment. The program’s tips are effective. However, the user must practice them and commit to them if they wish to attain results.
  3. Gym membership is often required. To utilize the exercises, you need to be within a gym. Gym membership adds to the program’s cost.

The Fat Loss Factor is an effective weight loss programs that, with commitment, gives outstanding results.

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